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PreK Speech Information

PreK Speech Information   

PreK Speech Information

The Gordon County School System has a procedure in place to identify and assist students who are having speech difficulties.

1. The Speech/Language Pathologists (SLPs) conduct a Universal Articulation Screening of all students enrolled in the PreK Program.

2. The teachers of students with identified speech errors are notified and given the specific sound that the child needs help with.

3. The classroom teacher notifies the parent and then works with the child for a minimum of 4 weeks to try to help the child correct the error sound in the PreK classroom.

4. If the child is successful in correcting, the teacher continues to model and reinforce the correct sound in the classroom. No further action is needed.

5. If the child is not making progress toward fixing the sound with the teacher's help, additional interventions will be implemented.


Useful Tips

~ PreK students should correctly make the following sounds: p, h, m, n, w, d, y, b, k, g, and f. Other errors (such as r, l, sh, th) are normal for four and five year old children.

~Provide frequent opportunities for your child to talk.

~Allow your child to focus on your face, lips, and tongue when you are making a sound that the child has trouble with.

~Be a good speech model. Speak slowly, correctly, and clearly.

~Avoid using "baby talk."

~Pay attention to your child when he is talking to you.

~Read to your child! Ask questions. Ask him to guess what will happen next, describe the feelings of the characters to you, and re-tell the story back to you.