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About Belwood...

Belwood Elementary School is a PreK-5th grade public elementary school in Calhoun, Georgia and is part of the Gordon County School system.  BES has approximately 530 students and 75 staff members.  

Belwood has a tradition steeped in academic excellence and serving others, dating back to its founding in 1929 when Blackwood, Belmont, Watsonville, and Union Grove schools were consolidated into a new Belwood School.  From that time, Belwood students and parents have worked to serve the surrounding community and prepare its students for success in school and in life.  Eighty five years later, Belwood continues to uphold these values as we work to meet the needs of our students and our community.

Belwood has traditionally performed above local and state averages on state tests.  Belwood recently ranked highest among local elementary schools Georgia's College and Career Readiness Performance Indicator (CCRPI).  Belwood was also recently recognized as a Title I Reward School by the GA Dept of Education.

As our vision states, we want to develop the whole child.  This means that we want to help our kids become better people, not just better students.  We focus more on the character of a student than his or her test scores.  We aim to do this through genuine relationships, authentic and meaningful learning experiences, and character development. Furthermore, we cannot do this alone as a faculty and staff--we must also form supportive and caring relationships with parents and families so that they can help their child become as successful as possible.

We welcome any ideas of how we can do a better job of achieving our goals of meeting the needs of our students, their families, and our community.  Use our Suggestion Box to provide any input or feedback on areas we can improve.